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~ Horses ~
...developing willing partners...
Sales ~ Current & Past
We put a lot of time and effort developing these green and often wild horses into well mannered, level headed, faithfully responsive saddle horses. This requires nurturing a relationship with the horse and our goal is to match the horse to the rider. Horses are about as unique as people; thank goodness cause all people want something special! 

Fun Beautiful Athletic Saddle-Trained Arab!

Awesome trail and endurance prospect.
​Surefooted, athletic, smart, surefooted, confident, and fun. 

Not for a beginner, perfect for the adventurous confident rider. 
Stands to be mounted, loads, ties, good for farrier, rides great in a hackamore, excellent ground manners, listens to your seat and moves off your leg, has been trailered out in groups, crosses water, great on hills, moves cows well, excellent health, great hooves, never been lame etc. 
Sham is responsive and quick so she will not be a fit for an inexperienced rider or a large person. 
This horse is a blast to ride!    $3,200    

Must see YouTube video!

Well Trained BLM Mustang Mare for sale

Another great family / trail horse from Sunrise Ranch!
This little (14.1) and Mustang is a true representation of the awesome Mustang breed. Stout, smart, sane, sturdy, friendly, patient, kind, and tough. She has been gentled and trained with natural horsemanship methods; slow and careful! She is used regularly now here at the ranch and is used to all the family ranch life. Healthy in body, attractive smoky bay dun, and willing and adaptable. We really like this horse and will be sad to see her go, but she is ready to serve new owners and we are happy to offer to the public another fine BLM Mustang!
Loads, ties, leads, great ground manners, no kick, bite, buck, rear, works in a mechanical hackamore, used to kids, dogs, traffic, farm commotion, trailers, 
great stop and back, rides bareback, smooth trot, traveling walk, easy canter,
rides off your seat, very light/ responsive to reins,not racey,easy keeper,good in the herd, rides alone or in a group (prefers the front), crosses water and muck, good on all terrain, easy to catch, saddle, and load,good with her feet, 
kid friendly and rides with kids and double
"Cherokee" is a very good horse 😉   $3,200  SOLD

Nice trail horse for sale!
15 hand Morab gelding

Must see YouTube video!
"Flash" is a fun good looking horse that is currently being ridden every day. He is light and responsive in a side-pull bridle and has a ground covering forward trot and easy canter. He will calmly ride slow and relaxed alone or anywhere in a group. 
Flash is not spooky, traffic safe, crosses water and muck, easy to catch, stands to be mounted, ties great, good with his feet, enjoys working cattle, loads, and is very used to kids and commotion. He is currently being ridden by a 12 year old (excellent rider) but is being sold as suitable for an intermediate rider who can set consistent rules and not be harsh. 
Flash is sound and in good health (never had any issues of any kind) and has no papers. 
Contact Neil of the Sunrise Ranch in Mason, WI about "Flash".   $2,400

Solid Morgan Gelding
~trail horse~

"Johnny" is handsome big honest-hearted Morgan gelding. He stands 15.1 hands tall straight and square, and is 10 years old. A bright shining sorrel, Johnny is fun, forward, friendly, uncomplicated, nice mover, great canter, and a groundcovering trot. He has excelend ground manners, good in the herd, does hilly terain, crosses water, and is not spooky. Right now he is being ridden daily in a side-pull by a 10 year old rider on trails alone and in groups.
If you are looking for a sturdy, good minded gelding for trail and family fun, consider Johnny!   $4,000
Must see YouTube video!

Stunning Buttermilk
Buckskin Friesian Cross

 This 2016 filly is registered with the Friesian Heritage Horse International Registry and is DNA confirmed. 
Don't miss your opportunity to get a Friesian of such rare coloring!​

  Unusual frosted buttermilk buckskin Paso Fino and Friesian cross. Stunning markings on a splendidly correct conformation! Spirited and showy floating action with a friendly affectionate personality. This filly has potential to be gaited as her dam, though she trots at will. 

Faline's dam is a well loved saddle Paso who is strongly gaited and delightfully energetic on the trails. Forward, confident, surefooted, and sensitive; Fantasia has proven herself even in competitive Endurence riding with Arabs. 

Coby, Faline's sire, is a magnificent well mannered Friesian of notable breeding. He has proven himself under saddle, in harness, and as a solid sire that passes on his impressive stature and accommodating demeanor.  $5,000
Must see YouTube video!

Because you are asking, we are giving you a look at the horses that are in training now. 

  1. Summer- BLM Mustang
    Summer- BLM Mustang
    This beautiful red dun mare has a sweet shy personality. She is about 14.1, VERY square and sturdy and has a beautiful soft friendly eye. Summer is very athletic and can be remarkably catty/quick. She has completed her gentling and basic groundwork and is now in pasture till fall saddle training. Available spring 2017.
  2. Johnny Morgan Gelding
    Johnny Morgan Gelding
    This big boy is the one that meets you at the gate and follows you around. Super friendly, confident, and athletic, Johnny could go any direction you point him! At 15.1 hands he is square and sturdy with a copper coat that just shines!
  3. Bjorn- Norwegian Fjord Gelding
    Bjorn- Norwegian Fjord Gelding
    The Norwegian Fjord is an incredibly stout horse with stunning looks! I am enjoying training this guy and seeing his personality come out. He will make a sturdy saddle horse or driving pony of size!
  4. Secret -Reg. Appendix AQHA
    Secret -Reg. Appendix AQHA
    "Secret Shining Spark" This lovely young Appendix Quarter horse mare has an awesome pedigree and confident in your pocket personality. She is a gorgeous palomino and is expected to finish out around 15 hands. Her sire was a blue roan and dam buckskin. She will be bred to either our Palomino Morgan stallion or "Coby" a Frisian stallion.
  5. Clive- Reg. Dales Gelding
    Clive- Reg. Dales Gelding
    The Dales is a rare breed that excels as an impressive smaller driving horse or a stout saddle mount. With the looks and action of a small Friesian they are often used for Dressage.
  6. Flash- Morab Gelding
    Flash- Morab Gelding
    Flash is a 15 hand bay Morab with a friendly looking-to-please personality. He has excellent conformation and lovely actions to watch. Neil (in the picture) is turning him into a first rate trail horse, both relaxed and responsive! (not registered)
That's it for now, folks.                    (but check back soon)
Above is all we have listed for sale at this time, but there are many more in training. Feel free to give us a jingle to see if we are finishing up on just what you are looking for. We train to sell all sizes, genders, breeds, and -yes- colors!
If you have a moment, take a look below at the ones you missed out on. They are all friends and the good times and lessons learned live on in our memories! Best wishes to them with their new partners!
Swing over to YouTube and put my name into the search line. There you can have fun watching all the fun videos the kids and I have made of the horses we have sold and still have for sale!        Adrienne Dymesich
  1. Cherokee BLM Mustang
    Cherokee BLM Mustang
    SOLD Cherokee is a stunningly beautiful smokey grulla Mustang. She has a quiet, confident, strong personality with huge potential! I have enjoyed gentling this mare and she is proving to be a solid little cow and trail horse.
  2. Welsh Kid Pony ~ Little Red
    Welsh Kid Pony ~ Little Red
    This shy gentle little guy has shown himself patient with all kinds of kid play! He doesn't have fancy training, but he is just what every little kid wants! Little Red rides bare-back or saddled and is sturdy and confident on the trails and through water. SOLD
  3. Solid Ranch Mustang
    Solid Ranch Mustang
    A working cow horse, this gelding is sturdy, calm, and very experienced. He has enough "feel" to be fun and effective for the experienced rider and amazing patience for all the green-horns! Has been in parades (w/flag), swimming, knows all the gaming patterns, used to pony green horses.... SOLD
  4. Smart little QH
    Smart little QH
    This athletic little mare is a can-do horse with a lot of potential. Used in cow work , she likes to have a job to do. She is surprisingly fast and can turn on a dime! Kid ridden and level headed... SOLD
  5. Laid-back Gaited Family Horse
    Laid-back Gaited Family Horse
    Tennessee Walking Horse- This sweet gentleman has carried for long trail rides many little riders doubled behind the mom on his long back. Patient and a light neckreiner he has built confidence and taught many a new rider to love the trails. Neither spooky, or fast, he has a dreamy smooth canter and he calms other horses. SOLD
  6. Jet Black Morab Colt
    Jet Black Morab Colt
    This has been one of the most calm and willing young horses I have had the fun of starting. Here is an opportunity to try your hand at starting a truly beautiful colt yourself! SOLD
  7. Reg. Flashy Overo Paint Trail Mare
    Reg. Flashy Overo Paint Trail Mare
    SOLD- This horse is very light in the reins and rides off your seat and legs. She can be ridden in a halter or side pull but is now ridden in a snaffle. She is a forward traveler at all gaits, but is not hard to hold back from the group (or slow down). She is remarkably not spooky on the trails and has a great fast walk and a fun steady slow canter. Fancy will jump solidly anything on the trail; FUN! (she will also slow down and step over if you ask). She has been one of the most responsive horses I have trained. It was not hard to teach her to yield her for-quarters, yield her hind-quarters, spin, side-pass, shoulder in half-pass, break at the poll and flex vertically to back deeply. If you want a horse that you can use all the buttons and do cool stuff, Fancy is the girl for you! She could go any direction you ask her; western pleasure, dressage, barrels, or just a well behaved responsive trail horse. She is used to children, traffic, dogs, farm equipment, and other various animals. She has been in active use, single and in groups, both at our home place and out on challenging all day group rides. Trained right the slow way using natural horsemanship techniques, she has a strong foundation in relationship, desensitizing, and respect; excellent ground manners! Fancy (as we call her) loads, ties, bathes (loves them), stands to be mounted, rides double, fine for the farrier, is not "mare-ish", gets along with other horse both on the trail and in the herd. Fancy is 5 years old 15.1 hands, very conformation correct and a real eye catcher! She is solid show bred having the Conclusive and Tin Man lines in her (see her papers).
  8. Katness BLM Mustang
    Katness BLM Mustang
    SOLD This pretty little mare is built like an Arab and 14.1 hands tall. She was adopted fall 2015 and will be finished 2017. If you are interested is training your own Mustang you may purchase her early at an appropriate price. She is 6 years old and is great health.
We raise cowboys; marksmen on the range.