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The sun comes up, and shines on our place about the same time it lights up Lake Superior -just 15 miles north of us.

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What's in your freezer?

What's in your freezer?

From our family to yours!
Grass-Fed Scottish Highland Beef
   Our family packages are 75 pounds of ground beef, steaks, roasts, ribs, and soup bones. It is a well-balanced supply of meats for your freezer. The ratios of cuts are proportioned directly related to what is available from the animal.
   Whisky Ridge has served us and our customers faithfully through the years. We appreciate the meaty cuts they wrap; you will not be opening packages of bone and fat!
   Despite the rising costs of beef, particularly quality grass-fed meats, we strive to offer affordable rates. A check for half payment now will reserve your 75 pound family package. The balance can be paid upon pick-up of your meat. Quantities are limited, so if you miss this opportunity, let us know and we can add you to our list for the future. 

6.75 per pound (that's 75 pounds for 506.25)
Click here for a detailed article on the nutritional benefits of eating grass Fed beef.