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The sun comes up, and shines on our place about the same time it lights up Lake Superior -just 15 miles north of us.

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The Rider
To be a good horse rider you must have two things ~ time and desire. Understanding how a horse thinks, learns, and moves, takes experience.  Figuring out balance, sensitive riding, and safe reflexes, takes practice. 
All the above will happen only if you have enough desire and are just too stubborn to give up!
Enjoy the journy; it is worth it!
If you want to learn what I have, you are welcome to schedule some lessons. Discounts for parent / child lessons.
A Partnership
Partnership is the goal:
 The rider having understanding of both the rudiments of excellent riding as well as his or her  horses own weaknesses and needs. A rider who is alert to being consistent in actions and controlled in emotion. 
The horse relaxed about serving the rider and understands what is expected of him or her; a horse with trust, respect, and feel.
Horse & Rider Lessons

The Horse
I train horses prioritizing a strong foundation in respect and trust. The horse must see  people as  the leader and seek to follow their direction. If done patiently, consistently, and  with kindness, a relationship is born and partnership can develop  and skills grow.
Training each horse has the same goals, but the needs of the individual animal dictate how long it will take to get there.
$500.00 (plus 100.00 board)
per 30 days
All lessons are $25.00 per hour for an individual or 40.00 an hour for horse and rider. Overnight stay in our family guest house is available for $60.00 a night. Plenty of restaurants and accommodations are located in Ashland, Wisconsin is 15 minutes north of us.

Testimony from Duluth, MN

"My experience at Sunrise Ranch was awesome! When I first inquired about Laredo, a well broke mustang mare, I received some excellent advice from Adrienne. It was to be my first horse and first riding experience in decades so I was going to need some help. Adrienne wanted to make sure I was right for the horse and that the horse was right for me. After a lengthy telephone conversation and a visit to the ranch I knew I wanted Laredo.
Sunrise Ranch worked with me to make my horse dream a reality. They were accommodating and friendly. I received expert training from Adrienne and within a few lessons my riding skill and confidence had improved dramatically. Her teaching style is direct but easy going. I never felt uncomfortable since she built up my skills incrementally, starting with some groundwork and ending with herding Highland Cattle at the ranch.
Adrienne, Isac and the kids have created a wonderful place at Sunrise Ranch. They are friendly and welcoming. My horse was well broke and fit Adrienne’s description of her perfectly. She’s definitely the right horse for me and l look forward to many years of riding and getting to know her. I recommend Sunrise Ranch to anyone who is looking for a great horse and a great learning experience!"

Testimony from Big Lake, MN

"We bought Jasper, a Dales pony in May. One of the things that made our decision to purchase him was his ground manners and calmness. We’ve had him home about two weeks and are confident that he will be the right addition to our family. Thanks to Adrienne and family for all of the work training him.
Another thing that really made us feel good was how welcomed we felt. Taking our 9 year old for a trail ride so we could concentrate on looking at Jasper was really nice and it made her day. She still talks about her visit with Silver."

Testimony​ from Ashland, WI

 "Sunrise Ranch in a very fun and exciting place to go.
The lessons are super fun and informative and, as for the trainer Adrienne Dymesich, she is patient and will answer any question that you may have to the best of her knowledge (which by the way a lot)!
Also, they are a very kind and loving family. Meeting their horses is always fun!"  
If you want to talk about horses.....
call or text Adrienne  715 730 0857
Learning at Home
I am continually reading articles and books, watching YouTube videos, and, in any way I can, learning from horsemen that can show excellent results and that are sensitive to the nature of horses. Here are two trainers that I highly recomend. 
Remember that the best teacher you have is your horse!       
Martin Black
(great books)  

Warwick Schiller
(YouTube Subscription)